Long-form work

Not everything is about short, quippy puns (booooooo), but either way, here's a list of longer form articles I've had the pleasure of writing, some sponsored, some editorial:

Here's How To Choose the Best Bed in a Box For You — Greatist.com

The 7 Best Electric Guitars To buy in 2018 for Under $500 — Lifewire.com
What I Learned From My First Vegas Halloween Part — Thrillist.com and Anheuser Busch
What It's Like to Eat 38 Burgers in 6 Cities Over 4 Days — Thrillist.com and Hard Rock Cafe
12 Delicious Foods You Didn't Know You Could Grill (But Totally Should) — Thrillist.com
11 Reasons Your Music Sounds the Way It Does — Supercompressor.com and Bose
America's Best Urban Distilleries — Jetsetter.com (syndicated to Huffington Post)